Professional Learning Services

Do you want to bring the process and tools of the School Reform Initiative to your school, district or organization? SRI can work with you to develop an individually tailored seminar in any area of our work: SRI Critical Friendship, Facilitative Leadership, Coaching or Leading for Educational Equity and Looking at Student Work.

SRI acts as an agent to a community of knowledgeable, skilled and vetted consultants who are available to work with schools, districts, and other agencies and organizations.

These consultants can tailor quality professional learning opportunities to pass on the skills, habits of mind, knowledge, and tools to develop our core practices of SRI Critical Friendship, Facilitative Leadership, Coaching for Equity, and Looking at Student Work, your educational setting.

Some of our recent projects have included seminars with Virginia Beach City Public Schools, North Carolina New Schools Project, Hardin Montana School District, Public Schools of Brookline, Eliot-Pearson Children’s School at Tufts University, and the Houston Independent School District.

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